About Aída

I began to practice yoga in 1999 with renowned yoga instructor Geri Bleier. After a few weeks of practicing, I saw a dramatic improvement in my body and felt an increased clarity of mind. I firmly believe that yoga is the solution for those of us who are seeking to improve our focus and concentration as well as our physical condition. In my case, yoga has helped me to connect with my inner self, and has even improved my posture!

The practice of yoga has been so positive in my life, I wanted to share it with others by becoming a yoga teacher. I want to show you how wonderful it is to relax, breathe, and work towards a healthier and better life. Remember, nothing in life is impossible if you have the courage. If I could do it - a mother and a grandmother with 5 grandchildren - you definitely can! Peace be with you. -- "Namastey."

Your friend forever,
Aída Rodríguez Arce

Aída Rodríguez received her yoga teacher certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts. She received Phoenix Rising certification for levels 1,2, and 3, from the Phoenix Rising Center in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.