About Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy   

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a health modality incorporating mind-body techniques and individual bodywork.

Sensations in the body are often reflective of what is happening in life and the body. The anxiety, stiff tension and spasms of the shoulder, neck and back can be signs of unhealthy stress. Through exploring the mind body connection, Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy helps to release this physical tension and emotional stress.

Phoenix Rising is available to all fitness levels, with or without yoga experience. Each session is personalized to the client's background.

One-on-one sessions include assisted yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and non-directive dialogue.

Potential Benefits Include:

The release of physical pain, tension, and emotional stress.

Learning to identify tension and stress and how your body deals with it.

Achieving a greater awareness of the mind body connection.

Increased flexibility and a healthier body.


Learning to build a bridge between yourself and your spirit, to heal yourself and to find solutions to issues that arise in daily life.

Personal transformation and self-discovery.